Picture of MasterE feeding "Holly" a wolf at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary on October 16, 2011.


I am Master of this domain and I welcome you to my web home. As you enter, set aside the veil of limits that you wear in your daily experience and explore the many and varied experiences which are part of my life. In this place you may learn things about yourself and you will most certainly learn about me and the House of T'sai.


As the head of the House of T'sai, much of this site will be about me, MasterE personally. In the House of T'sai is the history, rules, concepts and philosophy of the House of T'sai which I established.

Oh, and just a little warning here before you move on... There are both light and dark, creative and destructive themes discussed in this site and some very adult themes as well so if you are not psychically ready to deal with them, or you are not of majority (legal) age, I'd advise you to head some where else. If you are curious, please feel free explore as far as you desire...